A brief overview of the Regen Network Community Spend Pool
At the genesis launch of Regen Network, a community pool was established. The pool is funded by token inflation in the form of a two percent tax. This means that if the current inflation is 20%, 2% goes into the community pool and the remaining 18% is distributed to the rest of the network. The community pool currently contains over 2M $REGEN that may be used as the community sees fit. Projects wishing to use community fund pools must go through the proposal process, which culminates in a community vote.
Recently, the community passed its first community spend proposal to grant funds to a project called Climate Wiki. Climate Wiki is a project striving to compile the available knowledge and expertise related to climate change, while creating a space for collaboratively pooling knowledge and implementing solutions.
​Branch Out, the nonprofit behind Climate Wiki, requested 400K $REGEN for their project. One-third of the tokens were allotted to fund a small, full-time team to complete the Climate Wiki launch, phase one of the project. The remaining tokens were set aside to stake as a "mini-enDAOment" in the $BRANCH/$REGEN liquid pool that will be created when their native token $BRANCH is officially launched, phase two of the project.