A step-by-step guide for sending $REGEN from one wallet to another

1. Access Keplr Wallet

a. Pull up your Keplr wallet by clicking the Keplr icon in the extensions section of Chome.
b. For this process, you will need the address for the wallet you are sending the $REGEN to. On Keplr, wallet addresses are below the account name, highlighted in green on the above image.
Note: Simply clicking an address like the one highlighted above will copy it to your clipboard.

2. Send Tokens

a. Click the "Send" button to begin the transfer process.
b. Enter the correct wallet address in the "Recipient" field, the amount you are moving in the "Amount" field, select your fee, and click "Send".
c. A summary of your transaction will display. If everything looks to be correct, click "Approve".
d. Congrats! You have sent some $REGEN from one wallet to another. These transactions can take a few minutes and you may need to refresh your page to see the update. You can also track your transaction (by searching the transaction ID or either wallet address) using a blockchain explorer like Mintscan.​