Undelegate Staked $REGEN

How to undelegate tokens on the Keplr Dashboard

Undelegating $REGEN will place your tokens into a 21 day holding period, during which time they will not accrue inflationary rewards. After the unbonding period is over, they will appear in your available balance.

1. Access the Regen Network Chain Page

a. Navigate to the Regen Chain page of the Keplr Dashboard here.

2. Manage Delegations

a. Click anywhere on your current validator, indicated by the red box in the screenshot above. It will generate the below pop out.

b. Click the "Undelegate" button to initiate the undelegating process.

3. Undelegate Tokens

a. The below pop out window will appear. Enter in the amount of tokens you wish to undelegate and then click the "Undelegate" button.

b. A Keplr transaction window will pop up. Select your fee and click "Approve" to complete the process.

c. Once the transaction has processed, you will see your tokens in a new section of the chain page, "Undelegating". Here you can view the days remaining in the undbonding period.

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