Additional Resources


Learn more about the Regen Network token and what it means to invest in it with the blog, "The case for a small allocation to Regen".


Learn a little bit more about the basics of Cosmos validators in these Validator FAQs.
Deep dive into what validators are and what it takes to become one with these guides from Cosmos and Tendermint.
Learn more about the Regen Network Validators on our website.

Validator Resources

Learn how to install Regen Ledger on our docs site.
Deep dive into the tech behind Cosmos Validators with "Sentry Node Architecture Overview".
Explore validator security methods in the blog, "Playbook For Cosmos Validators: Node Architecture Choices".
Check out Testnet Kitchen Video Guides on YouTube for a walkthrough of key concepts.


If you are interested in learning more about becoming a delegator, start with this thorough blog, "Staking in the Cosmos Network — Making the Ecosystem More Secure".
Read more about the current happenings at Regen Foundation and its csDAOs in the 2022 annual report.