Community Spend Proposal

Step-by-step directions for creating a Community Spend Proposal

Note: These are only the directions for creating a Community Spend Proposal on Commonwealth. The full process for requesting community funds can be found here.

1. Access the Regen Network Discussion Page on Commonwealth

a. You will need to be logged in to create a proposal. Confirm your account name is listed in the upper right hand corner and not a log in prompt.

2. Create a New Thread

a. Click the "New thread" button indicated by the green arrow in the image above. It will prompt you to select a new thread or a new on-chain proposal. Select "New On-Chain Proposal".

b. You will be redirected to a form for your Proposal. For "Proposal Type" select "Community Spend". Provide your Proposal a title and a thorough description. The deposit amount is in uregen and six zeros will need to be added to the amount of $REGEN being used. 200 $REGEN is required to submit a proposal, or 200000000 uregen. For "Recipient", provide the Regen wallet address the funds should go to and for "Amount" provide the amount to be allocated.

c. Click "Send transaction" to submit your proposal. You will be prompted to approve a transaction with your Keplr wallet and then Commonwealth will redirect you to the new proposal's page.

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