Retirement Certification

Individual/Entity Credit Retirement

Credit retirement certification will draw from your user profile information by default. You may still want to include these details in the Retirement Note field to later view in a block explorer, like Mintscan. However, a credit retirement note is not required for in-app certification.

Retired ecocredits can also be viewed from your portfolio in the Regen Marketplace app. You can customize your user profile on Regen Marketplace to include your name/organization, a description, and links to your website and Twitter. Images may be added to further customize profile.

Third Party Credit Retirement

In order to retire ecocredits on behalf of a third party, the Retirement Note field must be filled out with the details of that individual or organization.

Example Third Party Credit Retirement Notes

  • Offsetting 7% of Regen Networks historical carbon emissions

  • ecoToken Carbon Neutrality

  • Retired by Techstars to offset conference travel for staff

  • Credit Retirement Recognition for the Earth Regenerators Fund (via Vivero)

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