Acquire $REGEN

A quick guide to acquiring your first $REGEN
This guide is for users completely new to the web3 space who wish to participate in the Regen Network community: through staking and community governance or investing in ecocredits sold on Regen Marketplace.

1. Fiat Onboarding

a. Unfortunately there is currently no option to purchase $REGEN outright. It may only be swapped with another cryptocurrency asset.
If you currently own no cryptocurrency assets, you will need to acquire some through an exchange that offers fiat onboarding options. This means crypto assets can be purchased with a bank account, credit or debit card. Centralized exchanges most often have this option available, offering more widely used coins like $BTC, $ETH or $ATOM.
Below are some popular and trusted exchanges with fiat onboarding options. These exchanges vary in ease of use, fees, payment options, identity verification standards, minimum & maximum purchase amounts, and global availability. We highly encourage you to research your options before selecting the one that will best meet your needs.
b. Once you have selected an exchange, you should purchase $ATOM, the coin native to Cosmos own chain, Cosmos Hub. In the following steps, $ATOM will be exchanged for $REGEN.
Note: During this process, you will need to a little extra currency to pay transaction fees. We recommend acquiring the equivalent of $1-2 of $ATOM extra to pay for coming fees.

2. Send $ATOM to Keplr Wallet

a. Once you have purchased $ATOM, you will need to send it to your Keplr wallet. Most exchanges will offer a Send/Receive option prominently in their UI. This will prompt for an address you wish to send your $ATOM tokens. Here you will need to input your Cosmos Hub Keplr address.
b. Clicking the address indicated in the red box above will copy it to your key board. These types of transactions can take several minutes to process. You can track the progress of your transaction through a block explorer like Mintscan by searching the address you expect to receive the $ATOM.
Note: We recommend sending a small amount of $ATOM to test before sending your full amount.

3. Deposit $ATOM to Osmosis

a. Once your $ATOM has successfully arrived in your Keplr wallet, you will need to move it once again, this time to an exchange where it can be traded for $REGEN.
Navigate to and connect your Keplr wallet.
b. Next go to the Assets page of the site and find $ATOM among the listings.
c. If you do not see $ATOM, make sure you do not have the Hide zero balances option (indicated with the yellow box in the image above) toggled to on.
d. Click the Deposit option for $ATOM, which will generate the Deposit ATOM window featured below.
e. Input the amount of $ATOM you wish to transfer, leaving a small amount to pay transaction fees. Click Approve to send the transaction. The transaction may take several minutes to complete.

4. Swap for $REGEN

a. Once your transaction has successfully completed, $ATOM will be listed among your assets.
Next, navigate to the Swap page, which is also the site's default page.
b. Swap options will default to $ATOM > $OSMO. Select $REGEN from the drop list to replace $OSMO. Input the amount of $ATOM you wish to swap, leaving a small amount for fees. The interface will display an approximate number of $REGEN available in exchange.
c. Click Swap and Approve the corresponding Keplr transaction. This transaction may take a few minutes to complete. Once it is successful, you will be able to view your $REGEN tokens in your assets list.

5. Withdraw $REGEN

a. From the Assets page, find the $REGEN listing and click the Withdraw option.
b. This will populate the Withdraw REGEN window below. Input the amount of $REGEN you wish to move to your Regen wallet and click Withdraw to begin the transaction.
c. Approve the corresponding Keplr transaction window. The transaction may take several minutes to complete. Once successful, your $REGEN tokens will be viewable from your Regen wallet in the Keplr extension.
Congratulations!! You have purchased your very first $REGEN!!