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Projects and partners from across the Regen Network
Regen Network community members are busy developing projects from in the field to on chain! #builtonregen showcases the spectrum of innovative humans, their projects, collaborations and even their skills and constraints.
Projects built on Regen are divided into four main categories, Methodology & Project Developers, ReFi + Web3, Cosmos SDK, and Regen Ledger.

Methodology & Project Developers

This project category houses in-field projects hoping to bolster the health of our planet in a variety of ways. Projects in this category use Regen Network tools to submit projects and create methodologies for ecocredits. This includes anything from a methodology for measuring and verifying the positive effects of sheep grazing in California to monitoring and recognizing habitat conservation efforts in Brazil.
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ReFi + Web3

This category includes projects doing innovative work with Regen Network tools in regenerative finance or Web3. The wide range of projects in this category include a summit for aligning the Web3 & sustainability communities, a DAO investing in real estate and its untapped potential for natural capital, and a collective of people crafting a digital interface to power regenerative communities.
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Cosmos SDK

This category of projects includes those partnered with both Regen Network and Cosmos SDK. Included in this category is a DAO hoping to give a digital identity to herds of Dugong and a project hoping to help DAOs reach their target audience on Discord with a token-gated bot.
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Regen Ledger

This category of projects includes those working directly with Regen Ledger to achieve their goals. Projects in this category include a solution for developers to interact with the Regen Ledger Eco-Credits Module and a DAO for connecting land stewards to Regen Network where they can register and distribute their ecocredits.
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Build Your Project on Regen Ledger

If you are interested in submitting methodologies or earning eco credits through your regenerative land management, check out the Regen Registry Guide!
If you are interested in building custom applications on Regen Ledger check out our GitHub repository!
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