A brief overview of the role of delegators in Regen Network
Staking/delegating is a great way to earn $REGEN tokens and an important part of maintaining and growing the value of your tokens. It’s also an important part of being a community member and supporting the network. Individuals operating a validator have to pay for infrastructure. The more secure and complex the infrastructure the more costs are associated with it. Delegating to validators by staking your $REGEN tokens helps cover the infrastructure costs validators accrue, and will earn you a solid return on your $REGEN tokens as well! You are likely to earn between 7% and 20% APR on your tokens when you stake your tokens!
Staking $REGEN and participating in network governance are covered further in later sections of this guide.

Community Staking DAOs

In addition to independent delegators, Community Staking DAOs (csDAOs) serve as delegators in the Regen Network ecosystem.
With the launch of mainnet, Regen Foundation received 35% of the initial token distribution, which it has been distributing to groups of farmers, indigenous nations, and other non-profit partners through a process of enDAOment. In turn, these groups can use their permanently locked tokens to vote in Regen Network governance and help shape the future of the Regen Network toolkit, hence providing them with a voice in the process and development. Like individual delegators, csDAOs earn inflationary rewards which they can use to fund operation costs for their organization.