Put in Basket

This article walks you through putting your ecocredits into an existing basket on Regen Registry.

1. Connect Keplr Wallet

a. Select the "Connect Wallet" button in the page menu.

b. If you have not previously connected your wallet, a separate Keplr window will prompt you to approve the connection.

2. Navigate to Your Portfolio

a. This option will appear when you hover over your Regen wallet address. Click "My Portfolio".

b. The below page will populate.

3. Select Credits to Add to Basket

a. Find the ecocredits you would like to add to a basket and click the three dots option on the far right of the listing.

b. From the options listed, select "Put in basket". This will generate the below pop out window.

4. Add Credits to Basket

a. The "Choose basket" section of the window will contain a drop box of baskets. Select the one you would like to add your ecocredits to.

b. For "Amount" input the amount of tokens you would like to add.

c. Click "PUT IN BASKET" and approve the Keplr transaction that populates.

Congratulations! You have added ecocredits to a basket on Regen Registry!

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