Step-by-step directions for signing up for Commonwealth

This article provides directions for creating a Commonwealth account with your Keplr wallet, which will allow you to participate in community governance. If you do not already have a Keplr wallet set up, you can create one by following these directions.

a. Follow the above link to view the Discussions page.

2. Connect Keplr Wallet

a. Click the "Log in" button indicated by the red arrow in the image above. It will generate the below pop out.

b. Click the "Continue with wallet" option.

c. A drop list of available wallets will appear. If you are only currently utilizing a Keplr wallet, Keplr will be the only option to appear. Click it.

d. This will generate the below pop out. To connect your wallet, you must sign a transaction that does nothing. It will not be submitted to the chain. Click the Regen wallet address listed to start the transaction.

e. A Keplr transaction window will appear. Click "Approve" to approve the transaction.

3. Add Account Details

a. Once the transaction has competed you will be redirected to the following pop out.

b. A name for your profile is required. A headline and bio are optional. If you do not select an image for your avatar, one will be assigned.

c. Click "Save and finish" to complete the process.

Congrats! You are now a member of Regen Network community governance!

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