Regen Ledger to Polygon

1. Connect Keplr Wallet

a. Select the "Connect Wallet" button in the page menu.

b. If you have not previously connected your wallet, a separate Keplr window will prompt you to approve the connection.

2. Access Bridge Service

a. Hover over or click your wallet address in the top right of the app. From the window that appears, select Bridge.

b. The below page will populate.

3. Bridge Ecocredits

a. Click the "Bridge" Action button to the right of the ecocredit batch you want to bridge from. The below window will populate.

b. Fill out the necessary details and agree to the Ecocredit Sales Agreement and terms of service.

Note: For Recipient you will need a valid Polygon address. We recommend bridging a small amount to confirm ecocredits arrive as expected, before bridging your full amount.

c. Click Bridge and approve the corresponding Keplr window.

4. Monitor Bridge

a. Once the Keplr transaction has completed, you will receive the below success window.

b. From this window you can select the View Pending Bridged Credits button located below bridge details. This will redirect you to the Bridged Credits tab from the bridge service page.

c. Recently bridged ecocredits will likely display with a Pending status, as in the image above.

d. Once your bridge has been completed the status will change to Complete. A link to the Polygon transaction for the bridged ecocredits will appear in the Note/Link section of the Bridged ecocredits table.

Congrats! You have bridged ecocredits from Regen Ledger to Polygon!

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