Text Proposal

Steps for submitting an on-chain text proposal on Commonwealth.

Text proposals are the most basic form of proposal; they don't have any direct ramifications on the software. These are often called signalling propsals as they are largely used to poll for sentiment about a proposed change or course of action.

Note: On-chain proposals start life as a discussion on Comonwealth. There is a suggested minimum one week discussion period before a proposal is officially submitted, but two weeks of open discussion is more common. To submit a discussion follow the directions here.

1. Access the Regen Network Discussion Page on Commonwealth

a. You will need to be logged in to create a proposal. Confirm your account name is listed in the upper right hand corner and not a log in prompt.

2. Create a New Thread

a. Click the "New thread" button indicated by the green arrow in the image above. It will prompt you to select a new thread or a new on-chain proposal. Select "New On-Chain Proposal".

b. You will be redirected to a form for your Proposal. For "Proposal Type" select "Text Proposal". Provide your Proposal a title and a thorough description. The deposit amount is in uregen which is equal to one millionth of a $REGEN. 200 $REGEN is required to submit a proposal, or 200000000 uregen.

c. Click "Send transaction" to submit your proposal. You will be prompted to approve a transaction with your Keplr wallet and then Commonwealth will redirect you to the new proposal's page.

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