Redelegate Staked $REGEN

How to redelegate staked tokens via the Keplr Dashboard

Redelegating $REGEN will move your tokens from one validator to another. They will remain bonded and will continue collecting inflationary rewards.

1. Access the Regen Network Chain Page

a. Navigate to the Regen Chain page of the Keplr Dashboard here.

2. Manage Delegations

a. Click anywhere on your current validator, indicated by the red box in the screenshot above. It will generate the below pop out.

b. Click the "Redelegate" button to begin the process.

3. Redelegate Tokens

a. Clicking "Redelegate" will generate a pop up window containing a list of active validators. Select the validator you wish to move your tokens to and click "Next".

b. Enter the amount of $REGEN you would like to move to the new validator and click "Redelegate".

c. A Keplr transaction window will pop up. Select your fee and click "Approve".

d. Once the transaction has processed, your validator list will be updated to reflect the redelegation.

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