Polygon to Regen Ledger

Step-by-step guide for bridging tokens from Polygon to Regen Ledger with the Toucan app.

1. Connect Wallet

a. Navigate to the Cross-Chain page of the Toucan App and connect the Metamask, WalletConnect, or Coinbase Wallet containing the tokens you wish to bridge.

2. Fill out Transaction Details

a. The Cross-Chain bridge will default to Polygon for the originating chain, but you will need to select Regen Network from the receiving chain drop list indicated with the red box below.

b. Next select the token you wish to bridge from the drop list indicated above in yellow.

c. Tokens which can be bridged will display at the top. Tokens which cannot be bridged will be displayed as semi-transparent at the bottom.

d. Next, enter the number of tokens you wish to bridge. Your available token balance will display directly below the input option.

e. Finally, add the Regen wallet address you wish to send the tokens to in the Recipient field, indicated with the yellow box above.

3. Bridge Tokens

a. Once your transaction details have been accurately filled out, click the "Bridge TCO2 to Regen Network" button.

b. This will initiate the transfer and display the above left pop out window. The success message on the right will display if the transaction has been started successfully.

c. Next click View Transaction or navigate to the Transactions tab of the Cross-Chain Bridge page. Here you can monitor your token transfer.

d. Transactions will display most recent first. Status is displayed on the far right (Processing, Successful, Failed).

Note: Bridging from Polygon to Regen Ledger can take up to 30 minutes to complete, depending on bridge traffic.

Congrats!! You have now bridged tokens from Polygon to Regen Ledger!

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