How to Request Community Pool Funds

How to request community pool funds for your own project
As with most things within Regen Network, someone wanting to gain access to a portion of the pool must petition the community through our governance process. You can read a more in-depth article on Regen Network governance in the About article of Governance Basics, but below you will find the steps necessary to request use of these community funds.
Note: When beginning the process, you will want to have a solid use case for the funds and a good understanding of how the funds will be used as the community will be very interested in this information. It is also important to provide a transparent team bio. The community will want to know who you are and what credentials you have. It is a good idea to have a website which includes a team bio and a clear description of the project.

Discord — Introduction

The first place to start this process is in our Discord server where much of our community lives. Introduce yourself there, give an overview of your project, reach out to other community members and make yourself available for questions. Our community is filled with a variety of members with varying skills where you can find scientists, software developers, farmers, and a number of other humans interested in planetary regeneration.
This step is one of the most important ones when petitioning for funds from the community pool. The community will want to chat with you and may even be interested in helping out. Anyone requesting funds from the community pool should engage with community members on Discord and once you feel you have rallied enough support in the server you can move to submitting a discussion on Commonwealth.

Commonwealth Forum — Discussion

Submitting a discussion on the Commonwealth forum is a necessary step in gaining support for your on-chain proposal. This is where you will receive the majority of questions and input from the community stakeholders and validators who will eventually vote on the proposal to either accept or reject your request for funds.
Please take a look at these proposals to get a good understanding of how to format your discussion. At the very least, you will want to include the following sections in your discussion:
  • Project Introduction
  • The amount of funds being requested
  • Transparency commitment
  • Links to budgets and other accounting documentation
  • Link to project website
  • Team member bios
  • Any other useful information
Your discussion should be open for at least one week, to allow all community members a chance to chime in. If it looks like the community is in favor of your discussion, you may move forward with submitting an official community spend proposal!

Commonwealth Proposal - Official Proposal

The next step in this process is submitting the official community spend proposal!
This final iteration of your proposal will probably look very similar to the discussion, though you may include changes as a result of the community discussion. Once your proposal has been submitted, and the deposit met, the one-week voting period will officially begin!

Promote Proposal

As soon as your proposal has been officially posted, you will want to promote it to the best of your abilities. 40% of $REGEN stakeholders must vote on a proposal for it to pass. This means even if everyone votes yes on your proposal, it can still fail if not enough community members participate in the vote.
The Regen Network Discord and Regen Network Telegram are good platforms for bringing your proposal to the eyes of our active community members. We also encourage sharing your proposal on social media and any relevant blogs or websites.