A step-by-step guide for voting on on-chain proposals

For token holders, Commonwealth voting is a key function. You can either do this yourself or delegate to a validator.

1. Access the Regen Network Proposals Page on Commonwealth

a. You will need to be logged in to vote on a proposal. Confirm your account name is listed in the upper right hand corner and not a log in prompt.

2. Select a Proposal

a. Proposals currently in the voting period will appear in the "Active" section of the Proposals page. Click on the proposal you would like to vote on. You will be redirected to the proposal's page where you can read the details of the proposal.

3. Vote on the Proposal

a. Once you have read through the proposal, you may cast your vote in one of four categories.

  1. Yes - the proposal is agreeable.

  2. No - the proposal is disagreeable.

  3. Abstain - engaged with the proposal but no opinion for or against.

  4. Veto - the proposal is disagreeable and the poster of the proposal loses their deposit.

Note: Voting Veto on a proposal is typically used when a proposal skips the discussion period and is put straight on the chain. There are some exceptions to this norm for urgent matters, such as security issues.

b. Select your vote of choice and approve the resulting Keplr transaction.

4. Monitor Proposal for Outcome

a. Check back into the proposal's page to monitor its status as it moves through the voting period.

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