A quick overview of Regen Network and its components
Regen Network is the ecological asset origination system of the Cosmos ecosystem.

Network Organization

Regen Network is the overarching whole. Although we often refer to ourselves as Regen Network, the Network is not an organization, but rather a community, a commons, a movement, a public blockchain-based protocol, and a network.
Regen Network Development, Inc. (RND) is the primary software development company building open-source tools and applications on Regen Ledger. RND also assists in maintaining Cosmos SDK for the Cosmos Ecosystem.
Regen Foundation is a US-based tax deductible 501(c)3 non profit organization. Regen Foundation focuses its effort on scientific research and infrastructure development that creates a transparent, open digital Monitoring, Reporting, Verification (dMRV) system.
Regen Foundation also controls a portion of the original token distribution, which it in turn distributes as staked tokens to groups of farmers, indigenous nations, and other non-profit partners through a process of enDAOment. With permanently staked tokens these groups can vote in Regen Network governance and help shape the future of the Regen Network toolkit, thus providing them with a voice in the process and development. Additionally, the staked $REGEN earn inflationary rewards which can be exchanged for money to fund operation costs.
Regen Ledger is the blockchain itself, which is governed by $REGEN token holders who are staking their tokens. Anyone may participate in governance this way. Regen Ledger is covered in further depth in the Regen Ledger subsection of this guide.
Cerulean Ventures is an investment firm that believes in the potential growth of natural assets which incentivize the regeneration of Earth through new coordination technologies. Cerulean Ventures invests actively in and outside of the Cosmos Ecosystem for the advancement of interblockchain communication (IBC) and other infrastructural innovations that have the potential to rapidly scale climate impact through user-focused web3 tools.