Create a Keplr Wallet

A quick guide for creating and accessing a Keplr wallet
This guide provides detailed instructions for creating a Keplr wallet for your $REGEN with the Chrome browser. Keplr is also available for download on Firefox and as a mobile app on iOS and Android devices.

1. Add the Keplr Extension

a. Navigate to the Keplr extension in the Chrome Web Store. Click "Add to Chrome".
b. Confirm that you want to proceed and add the Keplr extension by selecting the Add extension option.
c. Confirm the extension is included among your extensions by clicking the puzzle piece in the upper right hand corner of your browser window. Click the Pin icon to keep Keplr on the browser bar.

2. Create a Keplr Account

a. Click on your Keplr extension and you will be redirected to the below page.
b. Select "Create new account" from the list.
c. A list of 12 random words, known as a mnemonic seed, will display. This is the single most important information associated with your account. At a minimum you should store a hard copy of this information in two separate and secure locations. If this information is lost, the associated wallet will also be lost and any assets on it will be irretrievable. Read more about Wallet Security here.
d. Enter a name for your account, which will also serve as the name of your wallet. Keplr will next prompt for you to a set a password. This is different from the mnemonic seed. It is a browser specific password that Keplr will prompt you for after periods of inactivity. As long as you maintain your mnemonic seed, this password can be easily lost and reset.
e. Next you will prompted to confirm your mnemonic seed. Select the words in your mnemonic seeds in the correct order.

3. Access Your Regen Wallet

a. Now that your have created a wallet you can access it anytime by selecting the Keplr extension in your browser bar.
b. On most pages, your wallet will default to Cosmos Hub, indicated at the top of the wallet window. Clicking on the drop down arrow will provide a list of additional wallets, including Regen.
c. Select the Regen wallet. Your Regen wallet address will be located right under your wallet name, highlighted in green in the below image. Clicking the address will automatically copy it to your keyboard.
d. This address, also known as a public key, is safe to share. It may be used to transfer to tokens to the wallet or view a history of wallet transactions, but it cannot be used to remove funds from your wallet.