Stake $REGEN

A step-by-step guide for staking $REGEN
There are many benefits to staking/ delegating Regen Network tokens. Staking not only plays a critical role in maintaining the network's security, but also aids in price stability, encourages community growth, and helps to cover validator costs.
This guide picks up where Create a Keplr Wallet ended. If you have not yet created a Keplr wallet, follow the steps in that guide before returning to this document.

1. Send $REGEN to your Keplr wallet

a. If you do not already have some $REGEN in your Regen Keplr wallet, you will need to transfer some. The correct wallet address to send your $REGEN to is below your account name.
b. Transferring $REGEN may take a few minutes to complete. You can always use a blockchain like Mintscan explorer (searching by transaction or either wallet address) to view a transactions status in real time.

2. Access the Keplr Dashboard

a. Pull up the Keplr Dashboard on your Chrome browser.
b. Regen should appear in your assets list, like in the screenshot above. Click "Chain Info" to pull up the Regen Network page of the Keplr Dashboard.

3. Select a Validator

a. Scroll down to see a list of Regen Network validators, their voting power, commission rate, and approximate APR.
b. When you've selected a validator you would like to delegate to, click the blue "Manage" button, highlighted in red in the image above.

4. Delegate Tokens

a. Click the "Manage" button. It will produce the below pop out.
b. Click the "Delegate" button.
c. It will prompt you for an amount to delegate. You may enter an amount or click the "MAX" button to delegate all available $REGEN. Note: you will need some $REGEN to pay for gas on your transaction, so be sure to leave yourself a small amount.
d. This will trigger a Keplr pop out window. Select your fee and approve the transaction.

Congratulations! You've now staked your $REGEN!

You can view your staked $REGEN from the home screen or the Regen Chain page.