Claim Staking Rewards

How to claim or claim & redelegate staking rewards from the Keplr Dashboard

While you are staking $REGEN, you earn inflationary rewards. These instructions are for claiming rewards from the Keplr Dashboard.

1. Access the Keplr Dashboard

a. Navigate to the Keplr Dashboard, which can be found here.

2. Claim or Claim & Delegate Rewards

a. In the upper right hand corner of your Dashboard will be a balance of rewards accrued from your staked tokens. Click the "Claim" button inside of this box (indicated with the red arrow in the above image). This will generate the below pop up window.

b. Here you have two options. "Claim & Stake" will allow you to claim your token balance and delegate it to the validator you have chosen in a single transaction. Claiming and delegating your rewards regularly allows you to effectively compound your inflationary rewards. "Claim" moves your available rewards to your available $REGEN balance. Clicking either option will generate a Keplr transaction window.

c. Here I have selected "Claim & Stake" which is why there are two transactions in the Messages section. If you selected "Claim" only the "Claim Staking Reward" message will appear. Select your fee and click "Approve".

Note: It is especially important to have a cushion of $REGEN to pay for the gas if you are claiming and redelegating simultaneously. There is a buffer of $REGEN taken into account that can cause your transaction to fail, even if you appear to have more $REGEN than the fee requires.

d. You have now claimed your staked rewards! This transaction may take a couple of minutes to appear. Once the transaction has been completed, your reward balance will appear in either your Staked Balance (Claimed & Staked) or Available Balance (Claimed only).

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