By Sell Order

1. Connect Keplr Wallet

a. Select the "Connect Wallet" button in the page menu.

b. If you have not previously connected your wallet, a separate Keplr window will prompt you to approve the connection. 2. Navigate to the Trade Page

a. Click the "Trade" tab at the top of the page.

3. Select a Sell Order

a. The Trade page (pictured below) will contain a list of current sell orders. Once you have selected a sell order, click the "Buy" button at far right of the section.

4. Select Sell Order

a. The below window will populate with options for purchasing ecocredits. The sell order you selected will be fixed in the top field.

5. Select Credit Retirement Options

a. "Auto-retire credits" is selected by default, meaning the credits will be retired upon purchase and thus will not be tradable. Some sell orders will only offer this option. Others will allow you to select the "Retire credits manually" option, which allows you to buy credits that remain tradable.

b. When a sell order allows purchased credits to be manually retired, the radio button next to the option will no longer be blurred out.

c. If you select "Retire credits manually" you may skip to step 7.

6. Fill Out Retirement Details

a. If you opt to retire your credits on purchase, there will be additional fields to fill before submitting your purchase order.

b. The "Retirement note" may be used for any memo you would like associated with the transaction. A country must be selected for the "Credit retirement location" with "State/Region" and "Postal code" as optional fields.

7. Purchase Ecocredits

a. Click the "Purchase" button to start the transaction process.

b. A Keplr transaction window will appear. Select your fee and click "Approve".

c. Congratulations! You've now purchased ecocredits on the Regen Marketplace!! Once your transaction has successfully concluded, the below success message will appear.

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