Retire Ecocredits

1. Connect Keplr Wallet

a. Select the "Connect Wallet" button in the page menu.

2. Navigate to Your Portfolio

a. This option will appear when you hover over the account button, next to your Regen wallet address. Click "My Portfolio".
b. Your Portfolio will populate and will look similar to the example below.

3. Select Ecocredits

a. Find the ecocredits you wish to redeem and retire. Click the actions button on the far right hand side of the section.
b. From the options provided, select "Retire". The below pop out will appear.
Note: If all credits from this batch have been retired, "Retire" will not be a listed option.

4. Retire Tokens

a. First input the number of tokens you would like to retire. The app will display the number of ecocredits you have available to retire. You may also click the MAX button to retire all available ecocredits.
b. In the "Retirement Note" field, you can add your own retirement details. This field may be required in certain situations for credit retirement certification.
c. Fill out "Location of Retirement" details. This information prevents double counting of ecocredits in different locations.
d. Click "RETIRE" and then approve the corresponding Keplr transaction through the separate window it generates.
e. A successful retirement of ecocredits will generate the below window.

Congrats! You have retired your ecocredits on Regen Registry!

Your retired ecocredits will now be available to view from your Portfolio.